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100% to Benefit Girl Scouts

Ponderosa Pinecones are (in our opinion) the BEST pine cones for using in craft projects! Now you can order them FRESH gathered and shipped to your door, through!

This site is the enterprise of Kayla and Natalie Anderson; for the purpose of raising money for Girl Scouts. 100% of proceeds from sales of pinecones will go directly to their troup. That's them on the right... along with their little brother Sam that can't resist a photo-op!

These pine cones are gathered fresh in the Spring from trees on private property; ensuring that this venture is totally legal.

The girls venture out and only pick up the finest pinecones - without damage from the wildlife in the area. (Squirrels tend to tear them apart fairly quickly). This property is a managed forest, so the removal of pinecones has no effect on the environment. There are still plenty left for wildlife!

Most of the trees on the property are of decent maturity, but not overly aged; ensuring that you get a robust, firm pinecone of good size.

Each order of pinecones from Ponderosa will include at least 25 large cones, with a few interesting pine cones thrown in... ones the girls think are interesting or would make for a fun project.

There are MANY craft projects you can perform with these cones. One of our favorites is making mini bird feeders. You pack a pinecone full of suet or peanut butter, then roll it in birdseed. Hang it up with a string and watch the small birds enthusiastically attack the pinecone!

Keep an eye on this site for more great ideas for crafts with pine cones. We hope to put up an e-book for download soon. But ORDER RIGHT AWAY, as the supply is very limited!


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25 Large, Deluxe Pinecones are only $10.

Shipping & Handling is only $7.95

You can use a credit card or Paypal.


You can see here that the idea for the logo was Kayla's...
She's setting up "the shot" over the creek.

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