Ponderosa Pine Cones

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Below is more information about pine cones.

SHIPPING: The Grade "A" Ponderosa Pine Cones in each package have been reinspected before shipping and want them to be delivered to you in pristine condition as quickly as possible. We ship both open and closed cones via UPS Priority Flat Rate Box or Padded Package and found they get to you as quickly as possible. This shipping method is also less susceptible to shipping damage, less expensive to ship, (saving you $) plus gets to you as quickly as possible.

PINE CONE DEFINITION: The conical or rounded woody fruit of a pine tree, with scales that open to release the seeds.

PINE CONES: Ponderosa Pine Cones are authentic natural products of Mother Nature grown in USA. Each unique pine cone is either male or female and has spent the last 2 to 5 years growing attached to a pine tree branch before dropping to the forest floor. Pine cones are adaptable inexpensive, long lasting, light weight, shatterproof, easy to store and reusable. They are known for their spike-like picks on the scales and the two triangular seeds under each scale.

ECO FRIENDLY: Pine Cones are a natural product grown by Mother Nature and consist of naturally recyclable materials.

UNIQUENESS: Pine Cones are an unique all natural product grown in the forests of Oregon by Mother Nature. The size, coloring, shape, texture and condition of each Pine Cone will vary.
They have an authentic natural color, are durable and usable in many ways and places.

PINE CONE DROP: Precise timing of pine cone maturation and drop varies by species as well as location, altitude and other environmental conditions. Male cones shed pollen and drop to the ground in late spring. Female cones normaly take two to three years before they mature, open their scales, sheds their seeds and fall to the ground.

The most common drops take place in the spring and from late summer into fall. However, winds or other weather conditions can cause pine cones to drop from their branches anytime of year. Once on the forest floor, we collect the best unblemished cones by hand and inspect them again before packaging.

OPENING AND CLOSING: They have a natural ability to open and close is part of the life cycle of Pine Cones. They close when exposed to moisture and reopen naturally when moisture is removed over time. A Cone closes up when the cells at the base of each scale absorb water which increases the water pressure in the cells and causes the scale to fold forward.

The scales open when dry because their outer halves shrink more than their inner halves, and they pull away from the cone. When wet, the scales swell shut.

When the cells dry out, the scales fold backward and open the cone up making them ready to enhance wherever you place them with the beauty of Mother Nature.

You can speedup this natural process by placing them in a warm or sunny location with good airflow. DO NOT PLACE PINE CONES ON OR NEXT TO HEAT SOURCES.

PINE CONE USES: They are Perfect for Crafting, Decoration, Ornaments, Potpourri, Wreaths, Autumn, Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Display them like a collection of stones, gems or seashells.

INDOORS AND OUTDOOR USE: Their authentic natural color and natural beauty will make them a welcome addition to your home. Bring the outdoors indoors in a wide variety of ways. Use them in Decorative Bowls, as Durable Home Decor Accents, Decorative Vase Fillers, Table Centerpieces or Decorative Ornaments. Outdoors place them in or on hanging baskets, tables, plant stands and window boxes.

BEST VALUE: For the best value, we suggest you buy our closed pine cones. They are the same cone but less susecptible to shipping damage, take up less space and reduce per cone shipping costs. We pass the saving on to you by including at least double the number of cones in the same size package for the same price.